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Ground Attack/Strike.

The Air Traffic Control Team

  • The Air Traffic Control Team for for last Commision of HMS Ark Royal seen here.
  • Duties included Radar Director for marshalling the aircraft at night for a Carrier Controlled Approach (CCA) or in bad visibility.
  • The CCA was a talk down approach giving the pilot glideslope and centerline  information and corrections until the pilot could go visual on the Deck Landing Projector Site (DLPS)
  • In these conditions it was always good for the pilot to hear a reassuring familiar voice. It steadied the pilot before hooking on at night. (admin)

Lt Dave Brocklebank RN (seen kneeling) contibuted this article.

Size Matters. The reader can access the degree of difficulty for deck landing Fleet Air Arm Pilots when viewing HMS Ark Royal (left) and USS Nimitz together.

(archive Brocklebank)

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