Phantom F4K Royal Navy
Aircraft Carrier Fighter/Supersonic Interceptor
Ground Attack/Strike.

Abbreviations used in Phantom F4K

  • A & AEE: Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment.
  • AWF: All Weather Fighter
  • A25: Accident Report.
  • AWI: Air Warfare Instructor.
  • AAR: Air to Air refueling.
  • AG: Arrestor Gear.
  • BATTLE FORMATION: A wide spaced transit formation used for Mutual Support and Good Lookout for a Division of Aircraft.
  • BINGO: Term used for Aircraft Fuel Minimums as briefed.
  • BOW CAT: One or Two Catapults on the Carriers Bow. Depending on Ship Configuration.
  • BOLTER: Missed Deck Landing. (No Wire Engagement).
  • CBGLO:Carrier Borne Ground Liason Officer (Army)
  • CAP: Combat Air Patrol.
  • CAPEX: CAP Exercise.
  • CAT: Catapult.
  • CCA: Carrier Controlled (Radar) Approach.
  • CDR(AIR): Officer in Charge of Aviation. (Rank Commander)
  • CO: Commanding Officer.
  • DIVISION: Four Aircraft.
  • DL: Deck Landing.
  • DLPS: Deck Landing Projector Sight.
  • DLP: Deck Landing Practice.
  • DMP: Dockyard Maintainance Period.
  • FAA: Fleet Air Arm.
  • FAC: Forward Air Control.
  • Fly1, Fly2, Fly3, Fly4: Parking areas on the Flight Deck.
  • FLYCO: The "Control Tower" adjacent to the Ships Bridge on the Island.
  • ISLAND: The Superstucture of the Aircraft Carrier, Starboard Side Midships.
  • HLAI: High Level Air Interceptions.
  • LLAI: Low Level Air Interceptions
  • LL Nav: Low Level Navigation.
  • LL Strike: A relaxed formation of up to 4 aircraft for maximum manoevrability.
  • LSO: Landing Safety Officer
  • MADDL: Mirror Assisted Dummy Deck Landings.
  • MEATBALL: The 4° glide path (GP) light image on the DLPS that Carrier Pilots used as guidance.
  • MHOW: Maximum Hook On Weight.
  • MLS: Minimum Launch Speed
  • RAE: Royal Aircraft Establishment.
  • ROUND DOWN: The stern of the Carrier where the Flight Deck Started.
  • RN: Royal Navy.
  • RNAS: Royal Naval Air Station.
  • RNAY: Royal Naval Aircraft Yard.
  • RNAW: Royal Naval Aircraft Workshop.
  • RNR: Royal Navy Reserve.
  • RP: Rocket Projectiles. Two inch High Explosive or 6 inch Illuminating.
  • SECTION: Two Aircraft.
  • SMP: Self Maintainance Period.
  • SOBS: Senior Observer.
  • SP: Senior Pilot.
  • TAC R: Tactical Reconnaisance.
  • 20° DB: Twenty Degree Dive Angle Attack for Dive Bombing.
  • 10° DB: Ten Degree Dive Angle Attack  for Dive Bombing.
  • 20° RP: Twenty Degree Dive Angle Attack for Rocketing.
  • 10° RP: Ten Degree Dive Angle Attack  for Rocketing.
  • QFI: Qualified Flying Instuctor
  • WAIST CAT: The Port Side Catapult that follows the line of the Angled Deck.
  • WAVE OFF: The order given by the LSO for an aircraft to discontinue the deck approach. i.e. Deck Pitching out of limits.
  • XO: Executive Officer..
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