Phantom F4K Royal Navy
Aircraft Carrier Fighter/Supersonic Interceptor
Ground Attack/Strike.

Royal Navy Squadrons



700P IFTU (Intensive Flying trials Unit)

Evaluation and testing of the Phantom F4K prior to formation of 892 Sqn and embarkation to HMS Ark Royal.

Formed at RNAS Yeovilton. Somerset, England on 30th April 1968 and disbanded 31th March 1969.

767 Squadron. The Training Squadron.

Formed at RNAS Yeovilton 14th January 1969.

Sea Vixen aircrew converted to the Phantom F4K.

Disbanded 01 August 1972.

Detachment to Dutch Airforce Base KLu Leeuwarden 14th April 1972 to 17th April 1972.

892 Squadron. The Front Line Squadron.

Homebase RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset,England.

Mother Ship. HMS Ark Royal.

892 Squadron's badge is prominent on the fin in red, white and black; the black letter "Omega" was chosen for the marking as it is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, and at the time it was thought that 892 would be the last fixed-wing Naval Squadron. The white letter "R" is the code for HMS Ark Royal and the white "001" on the nose is the individual aircraft ident. The Squadron's Phantoms carried codes between 001 and 017.

PTF (Phantom Training Flight)

A  Flight of 5 aircraft shore based at RAF Leuchars that  re-qualified or trained Maintainance Crew and Aircrew prior to service in the Front Line Squadron of 892  embarked on HMS Ark Royal. 

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Phantom F4K
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