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Ground Attack/Strike.

Lt. Cdr. (O) Bernie Steed. RN.

Now Commander OBE. Retired.

Bernie Steed was the Senior Observer (SOBS) of 892 Sqn for the last front line tour on HMS Ark Royal. He was also acting Commanding Officer 892 Sqn for a few weeks between Sqn COs, Cdr (P) Nick Harris. RN and Cdr (O) John Ellis RN. August/September 1977.

Seen here in 1977 by aircraft 007. The aircraft nose was custom 77 painted for the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

In July 1969 while 899 Sea Vixen Sqn/HMS Eagle was detached to NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, Bernie (together with 899 Boss Jeff Hunt) flew in F4s of VF41. Jeff had been a much respected Instructor on the F4 at NAS Miramar, San Diego and was well known among USN F4 aircrew. For Bernie this was his first and last experience of the F4 until he joined 767 Sqdn at RNAS Yeovilton in March 1971.

Steed. Year 1977. Aircraft 007

Steed. VF 41. 1st July 1969

Steed. VF 41 NAS Oceana, Virginia

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