Phantom F4K Royal Navy
Aircraft Carrier Fighter/Supersonic Interceptor
Ground Attack/Strike.

Commission of 1973/1976

HMS Ark Royal 1974-1976

  • November 1973. Captain Gerard-Pearse assumed command while the ship was in Dry Dock in Devonport Dockyard
  • Sailed Devonport in July 1974 in the role of "To maintain NATO's Maritime Force in the North Atlantic".
  • Captain Graham assumes Command
  • Ship deploys and participates in Ex Northern Merger 1974 off Norway. Ex Springtrain1975 off Gibraltar and private flyex's visiting Gibraltar and Malta
  • Further deployment to the West Atlantic and participation in Ex Safepass 1976 off Virginia and private flyex's visiting Norfolk, Mayport and Fort Lauderdale for the American bi-centennial celebrations.
  • Further private flyex's in the Caribbean. The Phantom F4K's of 892 Sqn conducted Missile Firings in the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range off Puerto Rico.
  • Visits to Virgin Gorda and St Thomas followed the Missile firings and the ship then sailed for official ceremonial visits to Barbados and Rio de Janerio.
  • Deployment complete the Royal Navy's largest ship returned to Devonport for leave.
  • Ex Ocean Safari 1976 off Norway. Change of ships command 25th September 1976 off Scotland. Captain E.R. Anson assumes command.
  • Passage to Lisbon. Full divisions in tropical whites.
  • Visit Gibraltar and Ex Display Determination with USN Carriers Nimitz and America, and French Carrier Clemenceau
  • FONAC. Admiral Eberle transfers to USS America by Phantom F4K of 892 Sqn. Pilot Lt Martyn H. Dean. Returns to HMS Ark Royal by same method after exercise briefings.
  • Visit Toulon French Navy Base 13th/18th October 1976
  • 18th October sail Toulon. Air group disembarks to home bases. With the loss of their historical home base RNAS Yeovilton, 892 Squadron's Phantom F4K's return to RAF Leuchars in Fife.
  • Ship immediately commences preparation for the refit in Devonport. Dockyard maintenance crews are embarked to commence work on the catapults during passage.
  • Refit at Devonport October 1976 to June 1977
  • 13th December 1976 ship is moved from Outer Wall to Number 10 Dry Dock
  • Sub Surface refit complete she is floated 28th February 1977
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Phantom F4K
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