Phantom F4K Royal Navy
Aircraft Carrier Fighter/Supersonic Interceptor
Ground Attack/Strike.
  • 892 Squadron. Armed on deck.
  • 892 Squadron. Hook down on carrier approach.
  • Early Deck Trials. F4K lands on HMS Eagle.
  • 700P Squadron 1968.
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Welcome to Phantom F4K. Fleet Air Arm. Royal Navy.

Supersonic Aircraft Carrier Fighter Jet. 1968 to 1978

This site is dedicated to Our Lost Phantom F4K Airmen and to document the history of the Royal Naval F4K version, thus ensuring that the story can be told to the generations to come. Many of these pages are for public viewing. Please feel free to enter and view them.

The Mission Statement for this site is;

To dedicate this site to the memory of  our fine brave young men who lost their lives flying the Phantom F4K aircraft, with little recognition or any award. To gather their names, to remember their young families that they left behind, and to present them here in their Glorious Memory, so that they nor the sadness and suffering of their families ever be forgotten.

Here, We Remember the Names of our Lost Airmen in the Roll of Honour.
Lest we Forget


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The Webmaster is an ex Royal Navy Phantom F4K pilot and also an ex Royal Navy Sea Vixen Pilot.
He served 1965/1977 and a further 8 years in the Royal Navy Reserve (Air).

Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy
Phantom F4K
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